1. Say what you mean, keep failing. 

Failing is inevitable, Our aim is to pursue a sincere form of success. It is our view that failure is required in this action. 

To know and not to act is not to truly know.

2. Enthusiasm is good, Enthusiasm is Capital “T” truth.

Enthusiasm is good and some thing worth striving for ...

The capital “T” Truth is about life BEFORE death.

“It is about the real value of a real education, which has almost nothing to do with knowledge, and everything to do with simple awareness; awareness of what is so real and essential, so hidden in plain sight all around us, all the time, that we have to keep reminding ourselves over and over:

This is water.

This is water.

It is unimaginably hard to do this, to stay conscious and alive in the adult world day in and day out.” 

- David Foster Wallace.

With that in mind:

I am not alone.

I am not alone.

... yes there is an element of mantra, but is that really a bad thing. 

3. Irony is Bad for the soul.

Action is action. Whether something is said with sincerity or ironically (insincerely) the end result is the same. Their for it is our view that irony is only a tool to hind intent and Truth and the use of if is a action of oppression. 

4. Cynicism is isolating.

Fooling the oppression of irony people are lead to the one turns to cynicism. This l Action my look and feel empowering. It is not removes you from the ability to share ideas and related to others. #Divideandconquer #issideandout

5. Human attachment is achievable. 

It is our view at the root point all use of  irony is a tool to deal with the fear of personal mortality. But it use of this leaves you at a loss. It removes the potentiality of human attachment. Note; human attachment is not a easy thing to achieve to just because something is hard does not mean it’s futile.

6. Transcendental Philosophy is Bullshit.

Phenomenon = Noumenon. The condition of possibility is conditioning. It is our aim to back a sense of the ability to invent our own future. #IntellectualClassMigration

In this Emerson is right but there is  always a past at our back and a wind in our future. But the best of us are pissing in the wind.

7. Fuck postmodernists!!!

Just Fuck Postmodernists!!! 
Fuck Jordan Peterson!
Fuck Entitlement! 

Postmodernism is a out dated term that holds vary little meaning. Deconstructionism is much better. Postmodernism is a thing Deconstructionism is braking down thing and thinking about Deconstructionism leaves much needed room to grow. 

8. Counterculture is dead, the Internet overwhelms all culture. 

It is our view that we are presently living in a post-internet. This touch’s all things, none more then the speed in witch we consume culture. 

This leads to a lack of cultural gestation period. This means that counterculture is consumed and normalised before it can develop in to a meaningful movement or size. 

This leads to a form of static rebellion being forced to exist in Paratext. It is our view that good art should address this. 


9. Memes are Art as organisms, good art should Address this.

In Richard Dawkins book The Selfish Gene he points out that non-living organisms may also reproduce through a process like natural selection. Therefore good ideas ie. good art should stand up to this process.

Memetics = Meme Magic = Good Art

10. Overcoming “Struggle” is cultural Capital. We all need to be children. 

In Frederick Nietzsche three stages of metamorphosis ...

Camel = Modernism
Lion = Post Modernism
Children = What we should strive for. 

We should all be children looking at the world with bright eyes full of enthusiasm. But hold on the post struggle with this in mind. One should never join the Heard but think freely. This is relative to the cultural stage which we believe that we are part of.

11. Good art is full of the next set of ideas.

It is obvious that Art is full of Ideas. It is our view that good art is full of good ideas. It is art’s job to address this.

12. Value should be over your need to be liked. 

It is our view that in the age of social media it is vary easy to get admiration and confidence quickly by play to the Heard. 

Art should not but stand out side of it offering an alternative to is Real reality.

13. Our aim is integrity of expression above and beyond Any commitment to form. 

Are medium is ideas. We will not pigeonhole are self. And the artist we work with. The Pursuit of goals will not take first place to are integrity. 

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